London Photo Walks - Rainbow City

Rainbow City

Westminster, London - 2016

London has a bit of a reputation for being a rainy city; perhaps a little unfair considering it gets less total rainfall per year than Rome, Naples, Sydney or New York. However, on the evening we captured this photo London deserved its reputation.

We'd just finished a tour with a lovely German couple when the heavens opened. The lights streaming past over Westminster Bridge reflected beautifully in the slick pavement and Big Ben could be caught clearly in the puddles forming around us. Once they'd captured their shots for the evening and retreated to somewhere a bit warmer and drier for dinner we couldn’t resist going back to try and take one of our own.

Huddling over the camera, desperately trying to hold the umbrella in a position which stopped the spray from passing vehicles from spattering the lens, we waited for just the right amount of movement from the traffic. After a few attempts the wait was worth it and we came away with a photo that represents the vibrancy of the city and the beauty of shooting London in the rain.





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